Wednesday, December 15, 2010

10 Days Till Christmas and Wisdom Wednesday!

It's officially two weeks until Christmas! How are you handling it? I shopped for the kids presents throughout the year so now we are just going to go one day and get some stocking stuffers and last minute things too. Well, that is for the children that live in my house at least! Everyone else? Pictures, yup, it's my go to arsenal. And for the Hubby, NO IDEA! He has changed so much this past year and the only things I can think of that he might like would be a Farmville gift card and an iTunes giftcard. What about you guys? What are you getting your husbands? Inspire me....please!!!

On another note, this post is suppose to have a little Wisdom factoid in it for us Moms to get us throughout the week. So, without further adieu, my Wisdom Wednesday Fact for Moms:

Do what is best for YOUR family!

Some things work for your family and some things don't. You are the deciding factor of how your family will function. If your kids don't go to bed till past 9 and sleep in till 10 don't stress about it! I know the parenting books say they should be in bed by 8 at the latest but if that doesn't work for you, skip it. Don't take parenting books to be your golden bible, they are just guidelines. When I had my first child, I pored over all the parenting books I could find, hoping to give my child a better upbringing than my parents gave me. I have found though (since having my second), all those parenting books have been tossed out the window. Yes, they were great savers with my first but you learn so much with actually experiencing it yourself. My theory is that they are your kids for a reason, they didn't just get stuck with you. You were meant to be their mother and you will have some natural inspiration with how to handle their individual needs. Books may help, but when all is said and done you know what will work for them the most (your attention and love). Give your children the real gift they want for Christmas this year....your TIME!